Okay, I've joined the Dreamwidth exodus. Find me as "captsparrow4ever" over there.
I've been pretty quiet on LJ lately. Partly because I've been sucked into Facebook but also partly because life has been weird. My Papillon Ricky got sick in December 2010 and we struggled with that situation until just this last Tuesday. Ricky took the decision away from me. He passed away from complications of Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency. Essentially the lining of his stomach and intestines was destroyed and even though he was being fed every two hours, he starved to death. He went from weighing approximately 3 pounds to 2.2 pounds.

One good thing is that I am now employed part-time at a library in a nearby small town. I am enjoying it but it took a lot of time away from Ricky so I feel a lot of guilt about that. Today I went in to have a kidney stone (which has been bothering me for almost a month) blasted with sound waves. It was outpatient surgery and now I'm home but I feel like crap.

All in all, this has not been a good week or two.:(
"I saw a Dead-head sticker on a Cadillac" - "Boys of Summer" by Don Henley (I think)
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The more things change, the more they stay the same, I guess:

If you have a weak candidate and a weak platform, wrap yourself up in the American flag and talk about the Constitution. -Matthew Stanley Quay, senator (1833-1904)
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It's weird but there are two: "Southern Nights" as made famous by Glen Campbell and "I Think We're Alone Now" as sung by Tiffany. I'm not sure what it is about these two songs because I'd never normally sing either one. Maybe it's the acoustics.
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I'd choose the ability to always find a parking space.
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Actually, none of my childhood games but I'd love to see the movie Labyrinth made into a video game.
Last week, I was really put out when the potc_votes community announced it was back then made the (deliberate or not, I'm not saying) mistake of omitting Turrow. Well, Karma is a bitch. Saturday was my younger sister's birthday. I put my little dog Ricky in his crate and we trotted off to have lunch. Cut for Friend's lists )

Appreciate your loved ones, people.
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Okay, color me disgruntled. Potc_votes is back and, despite their attempt to seem open-minded, THEY FORGOT TURROW!!! Now, I might not be so upset about that if they hadn't included Elizabeth with everybody! and Jack/Barbossa, Jack/Angelica and even Sparrington before they included a pairing that, for many of us oldies, was the original reason for becoming a fanficcer in the first place. They did correct that but, imo, it was too little, too late. Add to that that I never get nominated for any of these kinds of things (Yeah, so it's sour grapes, you want to make something of it? This is MY FUCKING journal. I can pout here if I want to!) plus they vow to ban anybody who says "hateful things" which we know means that anybody who is not a Sparrabether better be very careful with their words while trying to ignore Sparrabethers' constant sniping at anybody who doesn't tow their line. OMG, I sound like Ver from a few years back!:)

Ah, thanks be to the gods, it's just fandom. I'll go play with one of my dogs now.
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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl - Why? Because Captain Jack is the funniest, craftiest, sexiest pirate to have never lived.
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Captain Kirk (original series). He has all the booty he wants, gets to punch out the bad guys from time to time and has Spock and McCoy to pal around with. He can drink and eat anything he wants (because apparently those uniforms fit nicely no matter how many pounds you pack on) plus he has the best way to travel ever. Good times.:)
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This is a toss-up for me. For the music, it's got to be Rocky Horror Picture Show. But for sheer bad-ass action, it's "Blood of Heroes" starring Rutger Hauer and Joan Chen. Watching Joan Chen tell DogBoy "I'm gonna break your *#$%@ leg" is just soooo fun.
Okay, anybody have any opinions one way or the other on cell phones? I'm looking for a prepaid phone and I'm quite unhappy with the Tracfone/NetTen/Straight Talk triumvirate right now. Opinions welcome.
Hey, how did those of you (Veronica Rich, Raphe1, and a few others) get those new cute little avatars next to your account names? I've spent about a half hour now trying to find out where to edit or change them. I would love to at least get a female image.
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This is especially for Hippediva (hope I've spelled your name right). If you haven't been reading Ainsoph's "The Eagle" slash epic, you must go right over and do so at once. It's here: http://ainsoph15.livejournal.com/115204.html?view=1503492#t1503492 . Full of wonderful historical detail and luscious UST, it's great work. Give it a try.
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As weird as it sounds, Gomez and Morticia Addams. Yeah, the family was eccentric but there was never any doubt that Gomez and Morticia loved each other and their family unconditionally.
R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor, a grand broad and a true lady. Yeah, she had her share of scandal but she was a true humanitarian and her work with AIDS charities was a gift at a time when people didn't want to have anything to do with the 'gay disease.'

The Donald is a birther! He was on "The View" today and kept repeating "All he has to do is show his birth certificate" then stated that there was "something" on his birth certificate that "he didn't want people to see." Trump conveniently ignores the fact that the birth certificate is available for anyone to see online. Trump is a jerk and if he becomes President, I'm starting an armed revolution . . . seriously.
Borrowed from Indigocat (thanks, luv!)

You were born during a Third Quarter moon

This phase occurs in the middle of the moon's waxing phases, after the new moon and before the full moon.

- what it says about you -

You test everything. You're sometimes unhappy with what others think is "good enough". You pointing out things you see wrong with the world, even if others are afraid it may cause some unrest. When something isn't right, you're the one who's not afraid to make dramatic changes. You're good at keeping your head in a crisis and reminding people that it takes a shakeup to fix things.

What phase was the moon at on your birthday? Find out at Spacefem.com

On another note, StraightTalk sucks! Unfortunately, I'm still with them. If you had my cell phone number before, it's changed thanks to Straightsimpletons. Email for the new one.:(
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