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Last week, I was really put out when the potc_votes community announced it was back then made the (deliberate or not, I'm not saying) mistake of omitting Turrow. Well, Karma is a bitch. Saturday was my younger sister's birthday. I put my little dog Ricky in his crate and we trotted off to have lunch.

This is Ricky.

When we got home (not even 2 hours later), I found Ricky in his crate stiff and unresponsive. I pulled him out and, to my horror and relief, his heart was beating but he was unconscious. My sister and I raced him to the emergency vet (thank goddess for them!) When we got there, they took him in right away. The report was that his blood sugar was so low, it wasn't registering. Now, Ricky is a small dog (3 pounds when he's healthy) so hypoglycemia is a serious issue but Ricky also has gastric issues and food allergies. Despite the fact that he had food in his dish, he hadn't eaten for 24 hours. Fortunately, they were able to save his life but it puts life in perspective. I came awfully close to losing my best friend. Fandom isn't all that big of a deal when you consider how little it means in real life.

Ricky's home now and asleep in bed beside me. We will be taking him to his regular vet on Monday to see if we can find out what's really wrong with him. For now, his love is still in my life. I'm so much richer for it.

Appreciate your loved ones, people.
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