Jun. 10th, 2011

captsparrow4ever: (kids on Aussie Drive)
Okay, color me disgruntled. Potc_votes is back and, despite their attempt to seem open-minded, THEY FORGOT TURROW!!! Now, I might not be so upset about that if they hadn't included Elizabeth with everybody! and Jack/Barbossa, Jack/Angelica and even Sparrington before they included a pairing that, for many of us oldies, was the original reason for becoming a fanficcer in the first place. They did correct that but, imo, it was too little, too late. Add to that that I never get nominated for any of these kinds of things (Yeah, so it's sour grapes, you want to make something of it? This is MY FUCKING journal. I can pout here if I want to!) plus they vow to ban anybody who says "hateful things" which we know means that anybody who is not a Sparrabether better be very careful with their words while trying to ignore Sparrabethers' constant sniping at anybody who doesn't tow their line. OMG, I sound like Ver from a few years back!:)

Ah, thanks be to the gods, it's just fandom. I'll go play with one of my dogs now.

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