Jan. 16th, 2011

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I've had a Siberian Husky mix and a purebred Siberian Husky who were both escape artists. The mix (Timber, who sadly passed away several years back) just ran away because he was bored and usually I found him within an hour or two not far from home. The one time he was missing for more than 12 hours, I later found out that one of my crazy neighbors had taken him inside with the idea that she was going to keep him, even though he had tags on! When she put him outside for a potty break, he immediately jumped her fence and came home.

The purebred Sibe escaped because he wanted to run and didn't always get a chance to. After he killed a couple of ducks, I had to send him back to the breeder, not because I wanted to but because he would have had to be muzzled whenever in public (as he was declared by animal control to be a "dangerous dog.") He wasn't dangerous to humans or other dogs and, in fact, was learning to be my service dog. I haven't heard from the breeder in a long time so I hope he's doing okay with her. Man, do I miss that dog.
Not like that's anything new but here goes:

Does anyone know what the technical term is when graves or tombstones sink or rise? I ask because I'm starting work on a horror story (maybe a novel before it's all over.)

Thanks in advance!

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